Ways to Make Your Business Smell Good

Scent will draw people in or turn them away. The way a space smells determines the length of time someone will want to spend in that space. Studies have shown that customers will spend more time shopping in a store that smells good.

Olfactory Sense

The sense of smell is very powerful. A scent has the power to bring up memories and evoke a range of emotions. Connecting with a customer’s emotions will provide them a positive experience that will stay with them for a long time. Scent can trigger brand recognition, making it easy for your product and business to stand out in the consumers memory. Scent marketing not only makes your business smell great, it creates a connection with your brand and your consumers that will have them returning again and again.

Choosing a Scent

Picking the right scent to use for a company really depends on the type of emotion you wish to evoke. Scents for relaxation will be much different than those that are stimulating. Aroma oils and essential oils can both be used to create a pleasant olfactory response. Essential oils are more concentrated and are considered to be more therapeutic. Both oils are able to be diffused so that the space is more enjoyable for customers.


Diffusers can be used in small and large spaces to make your business smell good. The diffusers are small and discreet to where no one is able to tell what it’s purpose is. There are also diffusers that can be connected to the HVAC system for a constant scent stream throughout the building. For large spaces, a nebulizing diffuser keeps the oil as pure as possible so the scent is able to go further.

Other Benefits

Other benefits to scent marketng includes the ability to overpower bad odors. Any type of unpleasant odor such as cigarette smoke can be neutralized by diffusing essential oils. Essential oils also have the ability to fight airborne illnesses and bacteria. This is particularly beneficial for people who work in a small office space. Pleasant aromas have a way of energizing the senses which keeps customers engaged and happy. Happy customers remain loyal which in turn leads to a thriving business.