An Introduction to UI Design and Other Interactive Design Basics

Interactive design is a key feature of just about every successful website. Its primary goals are to make websites and mobile apps easy to use and to create pages that encourage user interaction with the digital platform. Read on to find out about a few of the main components of just about any effective interactive design strategy below to learn more.

Dashboard Design

Dashboards are screens or series of screens that allow users to interact directly with programs. They provide a wide range of information in an easy to consume format that, ideally, should be straightforward, eye-catching, and simple to navigate. Solid digital dashboards feature an attractive layout, intuitive design, and consistent interaction methods that will make it easier for users to access the information they need via their computers, phones, or other digital devices.

Responsive Design

Today’s browsers aren’t all accessing the internet through their computers. Many of them use their smartphones or tablets as a primary means of access instead, which is why it’s essential that a website be able to function intuitively on any platform. Focusing on responsive design means that browsers will receive a consistent, positive experience across their devices when accessing a site.

User Interface

The user interface or UI refers to how browsers interact with the platform. When websites, apps, or programs are hard to use, it can have a direct negative impact on how these potential clients or customers think about the company that has produced them. Good UI design, on the other hand, will lead to a positive user experience, encouraging browsers to trust the company that has produced the site.

User Experience

User experience or UX refers to every aspect of the website or platform that a browser interacts with, including basic things like what the site looks like and whether or not it is easy to use. UX establishes a digital tone that should, ideally, leave a lasting positive impression, tapping into each individual browser’s needs and emotions and fulfilling them. Given that each aspect of a digital platform directly impacts user experience, it should go without saying that business owners can benefit from hiring a digital marketing company with experience in this field.