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Successful Methods Used in THC Detox

There are a lot of benefits associated with marijuana. However, in some situations like employment, one might be required to take a drug test. There are times when taking marijuana can cost you a new job or even your current job when your boss decides to carry out a drug test on every employee. The drug test is mostly aimed at detecting THC in someone’s system to know whether they consume marijuana. The process of cleansing your body from THC and any other component related to marijuana is called the THC Detox. THC Detox methods are related to the type of drug test to be carried out and the time of notification. Either way you could use the following methods to cleanse and flush out marijuana from your body system.

You can detoxify yourself using the natural method. The natural detoxification method however works well if you have been notified in a month or so about the drug test. If you choose to use this method, you will first have to stop consuming marijuana. Therefore no more THC will be taking in by your body. Secondly eat a lot of food whereby your diet contains a lot of fluids and fruits. Toxins present in the body will be removed by consuming fruits and fluids. The last step of this Detox method is to exercise a lot so as to ensure all the toxins in the body have been gotten rid off.

At time, an employer can give the drug test notification in something like a week, in this case detoxification products should be used. As always the first step is to stop taking the marijuana so as to cut off ingesting the toxins. Detox products like Detox drinks will assist in cleansing the your system since the natural detoxification method cannot work in a week. Toxins are gotten rid off by using Detox drink since the drinks dilute the body fluids and the urine, hence traces of THC cannot be seen.

Lastly, one can be ambushed by their employer and told that they will have a drug the later that day, or the following day. Evidently, the natural detoxification method cannot work here and the Detox drink might be far from reach. Water detoxification is therefore the only other option. To ensure that THC will not be detected in the drug test, one has to consume up to four litres of water just before the test. You however have to make your dilute urine have a yellow color and have creatinine since colorless urine will sell you out. Therefore an hour or two before the drug test, you can buy vitamin B supplements and creatine supplements and ingest them with a litre or two of water. The natural looking urine will have not THC and hence you will pass the drug test.

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